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We support your dreams

Our commitment is that nothing stops you from growing and achieveing your goals.

Specialized Leasing

Our specialization allows us to provide you not only the benefits in our leasing, but also our financial advice to grow.

Wellness for all

With our financial advice we will guide you to make the most out of our leasing plans.

Easy Leasing

We want to make leasing the easiest and simplest part of driving your business forward.

We support your dreams

We are MD Leasing. We'll work to generate a more humanized leasing industry of medical equipment and would see beyond account statements and credit histories to target real value: people and their plans.

Always with the human touch: close, empathetic and trustworthy. We'll connect with medical professionals who have had financial difficulties, welcoming them and understanding their needs to generate alternatives and personalized processes that allow them to lease the medical equipment they want or ned to rebuild their place.

  • Get your equipment without spending too much money
  • 20+ years of industry knowledge
  • We're here to work for you
  • Fixed payments
  • Tailor-made plans for your business

We are here to help you succeed

More than just a leasing company

We beileve in you and your practice

We believe in you and your practice, regardless of your credit history. We want you to have the equipment you desire so your business keeps growing

We only lease state-of-the-art technology.

We understand that in todays market, cutting edge technology is a must. We want to help you keep your practice up to date on the latest technology to ensure your practice remains competitive.

Rebuilding your plans and dreams shouldn't be impossible

We support your dreams

Take it to the next level

We believe that when we have a dream, there should be no economic obstacles to stop us from achieving it. The only thing we should be concerned about is finding the tools to help us achieve it.

Our specialization allows us to provide you not only the benefits in our leasing, but also our financial advice to grow your business.

With our transparent leasing, you can boost your practice again and take it to the next level.


Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our services. To request more information send us a message or an email.


Why should I lease medical equipment?

It is an agreement between two parties, through which the lessor grants the use or temporary enjoyment of an asset for a certain period to the lessee, who is obliged to pay an agreed periodic rent. At the end of the term, the good can be replaced, returned or purchased at commercial value.


What is the difference between a finance lease and a pure lease?

The financial lease consists of the payment of rent for the use of an asset during a certain period where from the beginning there is a purchase option at the end of said period. In the pure lease, an agreed rent is also paid for the use of the asset, without determining the final value of the asset at the end of the term if it is acquired.


What information do I need to have?

- Social security number or tax id

Because we deal with people who've had hiccups or less than perfect credit we look at the whole picture instead of just a credit score, thats why we ask for.

- 3 recent month of bank statments

- Last 2 years of taxes

We prefer to say "yes" instead of "no"


Is my information safe with MD Leasing?

At MD Leasing we take the privacy of your data very seriously, which is why we use the best digital tools for the processing, storage, control and management of the data that enters and leaves our systems, always with a focus on security.

Abbe does not sell or share your information with third parties for profit.

- We work with the best data storage servers so that your information is safe.

We request only information of importance to the business.

- We have an internal management system that is constantly updated to be at the forefront of digital threats.

- We provide constant maintenance to computer and mobile equipment.

- We have internal data leak-proof work protocols.

For more information, review our privacy notice here.

Our advantages

Equipment Finance Lease in the medical sector.

All our terms are fixed.

We make flexible plans tailor-made to each client, optimizing their finances.

We have earned the trust of our customers because we always support and understand them

We look at the whole picture and not just your credit score.

Clients makes a downpayment and we financed the rest of the equipment value so you do not decapitalize yourself.

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